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Name:Mister Yakherd
Birthdate:Dec 26
Location:Rye, East Sussex, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I like keeping things working, making new things, and thinking about things. Also getting noises out of things. My other interests include people, walking, and master-plans.

Interests (49):

alan moore, alistair reynolds, babylon 5, bernard cornwell, charles stross, cory doctorow, drawing, drumming, gingery, grant morrison, guitar, guy gavriel kay, hating windows but using it anyway, hunter thompson, i claudius, iain banks, iain m banks, improving my coping strategies, julian cope, ken macleod, kurt vonnegut, land of the blind, lois mcmaster bujold, lying on my back in a field, making stuff, making wild plans, meek & spectre, neil stevenson, noddling about, noddling about on the internet, painting, peatbog faeries, people maintenance, pi, plumbing, pointing out the elephant in the room, raving, rebirth brass band, riz mc, saxophone, scroobius pip, slap happy, targetted bloodymindedness, the holy mountain, the levellers, the lives of others, the scarlet pimpernel, tony jaa, trying not to go mad
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